Schoenstatt Father accompanies Pope in Rio

by Fr Duncan McVicar on 23/07/2013 -

We have just received the wonderful news that Father Alexandre Awi Mello, a Schoenstatt Father from Brasil, has been chosen to accompany the Holy Father, Pope Francis, in his first Apostolic Visit for the World Youth Day, beginning today, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Normally, the group accompanying the Pope would be chosen from the Vatican Diplomatic Corp, consisting of around ten people. Father Alexandre was chosen as a personal request from the Holy Father. Father Alexandre stayed for a few months with the Schoenstatt Fathers at Mount Carmel Parish some years ago to learn English. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide his words and support that he can be a good companion of Pope Francis as he brings the Good News to strength the faith of the Catholic Youth around the world.  The XXVIII World Youth Day will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from Tuesday, 23 July to Sunday 28 July, on the theme: “Go and make disciples of all peoples” (Matthew 28:19). Archbishop Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham, a member of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, is one of five bishops from Great Britain travelling to Brazil for WYD Rio 2013. On the eve of his departure Archbishop Bernard gave an exclusive interview: “The main hope and purpose of the World Youth Day is to strengthen and enrich the living faith of the millions of young Catholics around the world, even those who cannot make the pilgrimage to Brazil… It is to place Jesus Christ and faith in him at the centre of young people’s lives and to enable them to give a powerful witness to Christ that the world cannot ignore.  In our global village this is the greatest gathering and festival of young people’s faith… I feel sure that Pope Francis will continue to emphasise the Way of Jesus Christ as the best option for any young person to take, and that that Way involves loving and self-sacrificing service of others. I think Pope Francis will encourage young Catholics to be people who care about others and are willing to give their time and energy to those in need because of their love for Christ… The catechesis in Rio over coming days is likely to reflect that awareness that we are forming young Catholics to be missionary in their outlook and enthusiastic witnesses who really know their Catholic faith and are equipped to explain and share it with others.”


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