Covenant Mass in June

Welcome to our covenant Mass on Tuesday 18th June at 7.30pm at the Shrine in Kearsley. Through out this Year of Mission we are looking and what can help us to become committed apostles of our faith. We have looked at a life of regular prayer now over the last three months we have considered who God is for us , the God of History who created us and walks with us, the God of life who speaks to us in the signs of the times and in the concrete events of our lives and he is also the God of the Altar.

Do this in memory of me! When we celebrate holy Eucharist we fulfill  the Lord’s injunction however at the same time, we inherit his gift and food for our journey. All that we have is his gift and he wants to be united with us and that we should never leave his presence. He wants to strengthen us for the challenges and comfort us in sorrows. In a pilgrimage prayer we read:

Lord, may this day, and all that it brings, come to me from your loving hands. For you are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You are the Way, let me just follow. You are the Truth, let me just see. You are the life, let it enfold me, in summer and winter, in sunshine and sorrow. All’s good that you send me, today and tomorrow. Let me just love you, and do as you say. And so in your name I set out on this day with the “food” you give me for the journey. Amen


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