Taste and See Family Mass at the Shrine

You are invited to our Taste and See Mass on 9th June 2013. We will start will Holy Mass at 3.30pm and then have a time of sharing led by Father Reginald and Liz and Gerry. Our children will have their own programme. At 5.30pm we will share a meal with one another before concluding at 6.30pm. When he came out of the concentration camp Father Kentenich held a course in which he talked about the Catholic vision of man and woman. He was convinced that we can only truly make human progress in a world after Dachau when we embrace a true image of humanity, a full image of the Church and strive to know more deeply the face of God. Matthew Kelly says the genius of the Catholic Church is that is has a worldview which helps us to become the best versions of ourselves. When we study our faith we want to find out more about the journey to become the best versions of ourselves  so that we can complete the task God has called us to do in our lives. We look forward to seeing you on the day. Invite a family to come along with you. You can also take part in our Faith in Action by bringing non-perishable or canned goods which we will pass on to the Brothers of Charity for their work caring for the poorest of the poor.


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