Symbol of the Holy Spirit in the Shrine

Arrival of the Holy Spirit Symbol 2003Ten years ago we brought the Symbol of the Holy Spirit to the Shrine. The Shrine should become for us the Upper Room where God can change our hearts and send us out into the world as apostles. It started as an initiative of the Groups in Liverpool and then the whole Schoenstatt Family got involved. Paul Cooper created a design – the Goldsmiths in the Brother’s remarked we can rely on England to have their own unique creative take on the symbols used in the Shrine. The gold and some precious stones were donated from the Schoenstatt Family and I remember being with Fr. Duncan at the Brothers when all the “old gold” was put into a crucible and melted into a small ingot of pure gold which was later to be hammered into the dove for the Holy Spirit Symbol for the Shrine in Kearsley. At the time Fr. Duncan said – of course the people did not give “pieces old gold”. They gave themselves. They put their hearts into the fashioning of this symbol of God’s love and peace and the Spirit who makes us holy. It reminded us of Fr. Kentenich’s word that the Covenant of Love is about a union of hearts – a melting of hearts into one! Ten years on we want to give thanks for the miracle of grace in our Shrine and in this Year of Faith we pray that we may be united with every fibre of our being to the heart of God and that he may continue to help us be apostles of the Covenant of Love. We will remember this this coming Sunday 12th May at our May Day. We start with Mass at 3.30pm and we invite you to come along and join us. For details of the May Day Click here


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