Tell Jesus I Love Him

A grandmother recently went to dinner at a restaurant with her son and two grandchildren. They were sitting at the table waiting for their food when the 5-year-old asked, “Grandma, what was your mummy like? “She was a very wonderful lady, Clare”, said Grandmother.  “Your Daddy knew her, too.” The 5 year old looked at her Dad and said, “Did you, Dad?.” Dad responded, “Yes I did, Clare. She was very nice.”” “What was your Dad like, Grandma?” said Clare. Grandmother responded, “He was nice, too, but I didn’t know him very well because he died when I was only ten years old.” Clare’s Dad chimed in,  “Isn’t it great that Grandma’s mum did such a good job taking care of Grandma even though her Dad wasn’t with them?” Clare didn’t say anymore right then. The next day, Sunday, Clare was just talking with her Dad. She said, “Dad, will people be able to see each other in heaven?” Her Dad said, “Sure they will, Clare”. Then she asked, “Dad, I guess, since you’re older than me, you’ll die first.” Her Dad responded, “Yes, I guess I will, Clare.” “She said, “I’ll sure miss you, Dad.” By this time Dad is having trouble keeping the tears from his eyes. After a moment of silence, Clare said, “Dad, will you please tell Jesus I love Him when you get there?” Dad responded with tears flowing down his face, “Sure, Clare, I’ll be glad to tell Him.” A wonderful story of a child’s search for the deeper meaning and mystery of death.


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