Into My Vineyard September 22nd 2012

Meeting of the Schoenstatt Family

Welcome to our ‘Into My Vineyard Meeting’. We have had a great year so far with the School Retreats bring more than 250 teenagers to the Shrine, the Parish Shrine days have been very well visited and the teams running them have been fantastic. The Celebration of Covenant Mass has greatly improved (especially with the Music Group from St Edmund’s helping us) and attendance has gotten better. Our Family Week in Schoenstatt Marienau was a great success. Mary Cole has started a small study group on Schoenstatt. Gerry Markland has started a men’s group. There are many more initiatives that are not mentioned her. During the year we have had a lot of work done refurbishing the cottage and the work on the mosaic is coming along. In this meeting we want to look at our October Day for 14th October which will be run by our Taste and See Team. We also need to plan ahead. We have to register and make the downpayment of a deposit by November 2012 if we want to attend the Jubilee celebrations in Schoenstatt in October 2014 and if we want to join in the Rome Weekend following. We have the possibility of a Family Weekend in Marienau 4th -11 August 2014. Again we need to make a decision if we want to go on this Family Week. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday 22nd September. If you want there is Holy Mass at 12.00 noon The meeting will start at 1.00pm (Click Here for full programme)


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