Golden Jubilee of Fr. Pat Tansey at the Covenant Mass in June

Fr. Tansey and Fr. Duncan at the ShrineThe Mount Carmel group would like to welcome everyone to our covenant Mass on Monday 18th June at 7.30pm at the Shrine. On the occasion of  this Covenant Mass in June we celebrate with joy and gratitude Fr. Tansey’s Golden Jubilee of Priestly Ordination.  Perhaps we can take our theme as a comment on the fifty years of priestly service of Father Tansey. The theme of our Covenant Mass is:  “We should have only one passion: To belong completely to God, to completely serve God and do his work.” As we know, together with Fr James Rawson , Fr. Tansey got to know Schoenstatt in the seventies and was to take the initiative and start a family group while he was an Assistant Priest in Droylsden. (Fr. Rawson started in Oldham) This was to be the beginning of the Movement in England and Wales.  We celebrate in gratitude with him the blessings Our Lord and Good Shepherd has bestowed upon him and we give thanks for his deep love of Our Lady in his long years in the priesthood. Our wish for Fr. Tansey are expressed in a letter Fr. Kentenich wrote to a priest in 1955: “Whoever has God like a staff in his hand or as the support who carries him, has peace and contentment. With this staff I made my way through prison and the Concentration Camp and even now I find I am as at peace as ever before. We need only one passion:to belong to God, to serve God and complete his work.” (Letter JK 3rd December 1955 to Fr. Österle) Please come along and join with us in celebrating this great Jubilee. We would like to give Fr. Tansey a gift. You will be able to make a contribution on the night or simply hand in a donation on occasion to the Shrine.



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  1. I have been searching through my late mothers papers and found a service card from the ordanation ceremony of Father Patrick Tansey in 1962 at Salford Cathedral.
    My Mothers family name was Goddard, and they lived in Salford during the 1950’s and 1960’s
    Marie Dunaway (Plymouth)

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