God of my Life – New Series of Kentenich Talks

Kentenich Talk 1 God in my LifeYou are invited to the new series of Kentenich Talks. The talks, given by Fr. Duncan McVicar, are on three Wednesdays in June starting at 7.30pm: The first talk is on Wednesday 13th June (God’s Will for me), the second on June 20th (God’s Love Story with us) and the last in the series on 27th June (Here I am Lord!). In this Year of the Shrine we consider how we can discover God in our lives through our Faith in Divine Providence. To download the invitation brochure click here 

What is Divine Providence? It is the activity of God when he cares for you and me. He cares by realising his Plan of Love in our lives and he will see this plan through to the end. Believing in Divine Providence is not enough. The practical faith is a daily activity. It means we can trust in God above everything else and it means that God will care for us, he will look after us. Your spiritual journey needs, as a key element, a relationship to God that motivates you to discover his will. The person who can do this takes the presence of God in his life seriously.


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