Covenant Mass in May

The Anam Cara group would like to welcome everyone to our covenant Mass at the Shrine on Friday 18th May 2012 at 7.30pm .The theme of our Mass is:  ‘The Covenant of Love – The Roots and Foundation of our Family Life’ In our families, our parents and grandparents are our role models, our teachers, our guides and our security as we grow from children and mature into adulthood. Most importantly, they pass on to us the gift of faith. In our Schoenstatt family, we are blessed with a spiritual parent in the person of Mary, our Blessed Mother who  challenges us to live this faith every day in our own lives. Through our Covenant of Love with Mary, even during the difficult times, perhaps when our Faith is tested most, we do not lose hope.  She gives us the strength to remain firmly rooted in our belief that we are cared for by a loving Father who will not desert us but who will give us the grace to face  our difficulties.  Trees may bend in the wind but if their roots are strong, they will not fall. They will continue to grow and flourish. We are grateful for our Covenant of Love with Mary which gives us our roots.  Through our Covenant, we can always feel secure and joyful, trusting that we are safe in her care.  We, as  parents, believe it is important to give our children ‘roots’.  We also know , however, that we need to give them  ‘wings’ so that they can develop into firm, free, independent people . As the mother of our Schoenstatt Family, Mary wants to do the same for each of us . Through the Covenant of Love, she provides us with our roots and a firm foundation upon which we can build our lives and  deepen our Faith.


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