Fr. Bryan is 60

Fr Bryan qualifies soon for a bus-pass and many other advantages of crossing the sixty-boundary. I would like to invite you to a simple celebration on Friday 20th April to Evening Prayer followed by a get-together in St John Fisher Hall. We would have a shared supper – so could you bring something Italian – pasta or the like or something for a pudding to follow. There would be a bar on the night.

May I request that you do not give presents. Instead may I invite you to sponsor some of the restoration work in Kearsley Mount Cottage? We need a new living room carpet (about £400.00). We would like to put tiles in the two bathrooms (about £200.00) and we would like to replace the faulty window in the cottage meeting room (about £300.00) Also we would like to put in new blinds on the windows (about £400). If you could make a contribution it would be gratefully received

I am looking forward to welcoming you on the night. Fr. Bryan (To download the poster click here)


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