Taste and See Family Mass February 2012

by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 07/02/2012 -

Invite to Februar Family MassWelcome to our Taste and See Mass in February. Our Mass in on Sunday 12th February at 3.30pm followed by a shared meal. All are welcome. This year we celebrate a Year of the Shrine.Denis Shevlan Winter Birds In faith we say: God is here in the Shrine. God is near and God needs us. Our home is a secure place in which we want our family to experience God’s presence. Not distant nor estranged our God is near to us and knows the beating of our heart and the sound of our breathing. He is near to us because he loves us.  He needs us. Our children know of God’s love because they experience the love and care of their parents. His choice is to become dependent on us – that is why he invites us to join in his plan of love. Anchored in the heart of God we have the courage and confidence to reach out to many. To download Poster click here



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