The Prayers of a Mum

by Fr Duncan McVicar on 16/01/2012 -

Sometimes I sit and look back on my life, I remember the pain and remember the strife, I didn’t know what I was looking for, until I heard Jesus knock at my door. He asked to come in, but I kept saying no, I closed the door to my heart and he said “I’ll never go, I’ll keep on knocking until you ask me in.” But I chose to stay in my life of sin. I thought that I had the game of life already won! I had money in my pockets and carried a gun. The life of a gangster is what I had chose, Selling drugs to buy new clothes, driving new cars and going to shows. This is what I thought life was about, never had a worry, never a doubt, but mum kept on saying that I was missing the truth. She said “I always pray for you and the youth, material things in the world are not all bad, but without God in your life, your heart will remain sad!” I listened really close and I knew deep inside she was right, my happiness was a front, cause I felt lonely and sad at night. My mum said, “God can take  all your pain away,” but I again chose an alternative way. Alcohol and drugs were my choice this time, all my pain and thoughts were gone for good, out of my mind, but then again, that was just for a season, the day came when I really had nothing, no money, no cars, no home, and for what reason? The drugs and the alcohol took over my life and when I didn’t have them, again, came pain and strife. All this time my mother did pray, and life got harder for me  each and every day! I was tired of life at that moment in time, I had nothing except, pain in my heart  and a very lost mind. The time had come when I wanted to die, but all I could do was just sit there and cry. All I remember was what my mum kept on saying that, Jesus loved me, and she’ll continue praying. I looked at the door to my heart, and started debating, could Jesus still be there, could he really be waiting. I started to cry and fell to my knees, I shouted out loud, “God! Help me please!” I opened the door and Jesus was still standing there, with fire in his eyes and a bright blinding glow to his hair. Then he spoke one more time and said to me again, “I love you my son, will you please let me in?” I asked him into my heart that day, and at that moment, he took all the pain in my life away. I fell at his feet and started to cry.  ”Thank you Lord,” I gave him my gun and he gave me a sword, He said, “These are the words I have spoken to you, go forward in life and may your life be a new!” From that day forward I sang a new song. “Thank you my Lord for the Prayers of a Mum!”

 [A true life Testimony]


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