A Christmas Prayer

Mother Mary, let me receive your Divine Child. Don’t take as His manger the cold and desolate stable – take my heart! My heart is prepared and decorated just that little bit. My heart longs for your Child. Let my heart be His manger. Mother Mary, let us all receive your Child this day.And we promise, that in our hearts, He will be warm and secure. We promise you: We will love Him and welcome Him just as you loved and welcomed Him! You kneel in adoration before your Divine Son and I too kneel to adore that that same Child in my heart. You gave Him all the emotions of your heart, you gave Him your love, you give Him your willing-ness to sacrifice. I also want to give Him today all my love and these same emotions. And I will gently pour all my suffering and all the pain of my guilt into the heart of this little Child. Then in future I will never be alone any more. It is not my strength, that carries me –  It is Mary’s Child who carries me still!

[Father Joseph Kentenich, Founder of Schoenstatt]


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