A few stories we remember…

by Fr. Andrew Pastore on 06/07/2011 -

We have started to add a few stories about our memories of Sr. Marietta – why not add your story in the “REACTION” part of this post – or go to our facebook page and leave a note (Click Here)

One year, in Scotland, all the teen-agers went missing after the evening meal.  We began to wonder if they had all sneaked out for the night, then after searching the building they were found.
They had managed to find a downstairs room with a television, the only in the building.  There they all were crowded around the set watching ‘Neighbours’ and guess who was there in middle of them…… yes Sr. Marietta totally engrossed in the programme.  She said she never missed it at home.

On a ‘day out’ in Munster a group of us were sitting outside a cafe.  A complete stranger, a lady, came up to Sister and asked if she was English, (Sister’s reply, of course, was ‘No I’m Irish’.)
The lady spoke English and she asked if we would take her photograph with Sister.  She said that Sister had such a beautiful face and a lovely smile and an air of peace and joy about her. She wanted to take the image home with her.

Sister loved her Community, her family, Fr. Kentenich and her Schoenstatt family with a passion.

A few of us went to Schoenstatt for Sr. Mary Francine’s Clothing.  Sr. Marietta had known Sr. Francine all her life.  She was so very proud and happy.  One evening the guests went out to a Riverside Bar after sight-seeing.  A waitress took an order, 6 beers, a lemonade and a whiskey.  She came back and put the drinks on the table, putting the lemonade in front of Sir. Marietta.  Sister quickly moved their lemonade and took the whiskey, saying, ‘This one is mine’ – it was!

Sister always took part in the end of week concert.  She had a classic sketch about a camel and two asses.  We all knew it, almost off by heart, but she still had us helpless laughing.

Another time she dressed up with three other ladies and came on as The Spice Girls.  Guess who she was………….  ‘Holy Spice’.

On the Family Week we always set up a Shrine Room for private prayer and daily Mass.  Whenever we had ‘free time’ Sister would be in the Shrine Room supporting the week with her prayers.

One year Fr. Brugger led the Family Week and the theme was ‘Ideal oif Christian Marriage’.  Sister nobly sat through all the taks and discussions in which Father stressed that the Husband/Wife is the partner’s path to Heaven.
On the last talk Fr. Brugger asked each couple to decide on a motto that they would take home and use for the following year.  We shared what we had written and Sr. Marietta read out hers –

(Thanks to Margaret Tite for these first stories...)



Father James O'Kane says:

Homily for Sister Marietta’s Requiem Mass, Elmleigh Convent, Ilkley, 8th July 2011

Readings: Romans 8, 31-35, 37-39; John 19, 17-18, 25-30.

They will look on the one whom they have pierced.

On Good Friday, sisters and brothers in Christ, we listen year after year to Saint John’s account of the passion of Jesus. We focus fleetingly on the
many striking individuals who people that momentous stage, identifying more particularly perhaps with one or other of them.

We see Jesus, the image of all we are called to be, condemned to death, scourged and mocked, nailed to a cross. If we had been there we would have made some kind of protest and the outcome would have been different. No, we need to banish the foolish sentimentality of that comforting thought. We are as complicit in his suffering and death as any of those disciples who betrayed him and fled. Jesus does not expect any more of us than he expected of them. His knows the waywardness of our hearts. He has come to
change us, to strengthen us, to give us back our humanity.

Come to me all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest, he urges us. Shoulder my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble
in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

This is no cheap grace. We see Jesus giving the very last drop of his blood to enable us to surrender our hearts of stone for truly human hearts of compassion and love like his own. It is in our unflinching contemplation of the one whom we too have pierced that our conversion begins, and begins afresh every morning.

Sister Marietta embodied this mystery for all of us whose lives she touched. The warmth of her welcome, the cheerfulness of her smile swept us for a moment
into the oasis of her own peace and serenity. She was well ahead of us on the spiritual path but she had not forgotten where she had come from and
understood us when we were floundering and far from home.

She was a good friend to me, and several other priests. She was a great blessing to all her family, her five brothers and ten sisters, her many nieces
and nephews and their children too and their grandchildren. The immense joy she had from her Schoenstatt friends was, I imagine, but a pale reflection of the joy they had from her. Today we would all of us want to thank the Sisters of the Cross and Passion for nurturing the unfolding and flourishing of Sister Marietta’s vocation, for the many graces of life in community, the satisfactions of teaching and administration and parish ministry, the years of care in this house enabling her to make the best use of what we might call the remains of the day.

We pray today that God who began the good work in our sister and friend has brought it to perfection. We pray that through her daily dying with Jesus
in his passion and cross she now lives with him in the glory of his resurrection.

May we too dare to look unflinchingly on the one whom we have pierced as we try with all our strength to follow in his footsteps.

Father James O’Kane (Sister Marietta’s nephew) Kilcoo, County Down

Many thanks for sharing this with us…