Kentenich Talks – Garden of Mary – June

by Fr. Andrew Pastore on 26/05/2011 -

This coming June – 1st (7.30pm GMT), 8th (8pm GMT) and 15th(7.30pm GMT) Fr. Duncan will be introducing us to the theme of the Garden of Mary in this Year of the Father 2011. Here is what you can expect…

This year’s Kentenich Talks in June 2011 are about the “Garden of Mary” Vision – how it came about in Schoenstatt and its meaning for our spiritual lives today. The Garden of Mary is a symbol for a means of evangelisation, where the relationship to God and to each other becomes the platform for faith. It has a horizontal and vertical dimension.
The horizontal dimension is reflected in the symbolism of a garden that is full of every kind of tree, and flower, pathway and river. However, this great diversity does not diminish the unity of the Garden. The significance for living our faith today is that the Church is made up of very different and unique people, each bringing their own originality and talents, but together make up the one Body of Christ.
The vertical dimension is symbolised by answering the question: “To whom does the Garden belong?” The Garden belongs to our Blessed Lady, who educates us “with, through and in Christ to adore and praise God, the Father”. In other words, in communion with Jesus Christ, we become the children of God. This year, there will be three Kentenich Talks where this inspirational theme will be unraveled. The first Talk deals with the historical origins of the Garden of Mary and how it came about. The second Talk looks at the vertical dimension with a more detailed look at the most perfect prayer – the “Our Father” as the best way to adore and praise God the Father in Christ. And the third and last Talk brings to light the horizontal dimension – our deep unity with each other. Both dimensions – the vertical and horizontal – touch the innermost longings of the human heart: To truly live with God, through Christ, and to be close to each other in a supportive adn accepting family. This is the Garden of Mary.

The talks are at the Schoenstatt Shrine and Pastoral Centre – please download the Flyer for dates and times – Click here for download.

If you can’t come along – don’t worry. The talks will be transmitted live in the internet… visit –


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