The Christmas Candles

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, an old shoemaker and his wife lived in a tiny cottage. This humble shoemaker had few worldly possessions, but whatever he owned he shared with others. Symbolic of his generosity and love of his neighbour was a lighted candle he placed in the window of his cottage which, every night, shone forth as a welcome sign of hospitality to any weary traveller in search of shelter.  War and near destruction fell upon this little village – but never once did the little candle fail to send its beams as a message of hope and cheer to all. Somehow, the shoemaker and his wife suffered far less than the other villagers. It seemed there was a special love guarding both of them. Discouraged and weary, the village peasants gathered together one evening to discuss the shoemaker’s fortune. “Surely there is something special about him: He is always spared from all misfortunes. What does he do that we do not do?” “Perhaps it is his little candle!”, said one of the villagers. “Let us all put a candle in our windows too, this Christmas, and see if that is the mysterious secret!”  Now, it so happened that the day of the peasant’s meeting was the day before Christmas, and the first night that a candle was lit in the window of every home was Christmas Eve.  Continue reading “The Christmas Candles”