Lenten Programme for Young People

 “Lent, a holistic preparation”  Workshop, meditation, reconciliation and mass.  A programme for young people on Saturdays of Lent 2017, 3pm – 6pm  at the Schoenstatt Shrine, Kearsley

 4th March: grace to grow

11th March: grace of freedom and learning

18th March: grace to love-covenant-candlelight

25th March: stations of grace in life  

1st April

Concluding with Pizza Evening, visit to the Shrine and personal time at the Schoenstatt Centre (Click here for details)


Taste and See

I am loved and Forgiven

March 13th, 3.30pm
Schoenstatt Shrine and Pastoral Centre

A mass prepared by families for families.

  • Gathering for Mass at 3.30pm we begin to look at our theme.”The Lord has done great things for me”
  • A shared meal helps us come together.
  • A time of reflection helps us open up in faith
  • Activities for children and young adults



Covenant Mass on Saturday 18th February 2017

Dear friends you are invited to our Covenant Mass at the Shrine on Saturday 18th February at 7.30pm. The Mount Carmel Group are preparing the Mass. St Edmund’s Music Group and some of the Students from University Group will accompany us in the Mass. Fr Bryan will be the main celebrant. Introducing the letter on the Joy Of Love Pope Francis said: It is my hope that… all will feel called to love and cherish family life, for “families are not a problem; they are first and foremost an opportunity”. (§7) We celebrate family as the sacred space in which love can grow. We look forward to seeing you. Please bring donations for our food and clothes bank. Thank you


Covenant Workshop

An invitation to young people to join our Covenant Workshop. A Conference for ‘inner transformers’. You are welcome to join us at the Shine for this workshop: “Covenant communication rewires the self and renews relationship” Contact Juan Ignacio, Kika, Fr Pushpa or members of the Chaplaincy Team at Uni for details (click here)


Taste and See Tomorrow 12th February

Welcome to our Taste and See Mass tomorrow 12th February 2017. Mass starts at 3.30pm and is followed by a shared meal which will be potluck: what you bring is what we share! Time to share as a family. Please remember and bring donations for our food and clothes bank and we will pass them on to the Brothers of Charity.Looking forward to siege you there. Please put in your diary: Next Month’s Taste and See Mass, on 12th March, will be celebrated by Bishop John Arnold and Bishop John will lead us in the input for the day.


Covenant Mass in January

Welcome to our first Covenant Mass in the New Year on Wednesday 18th January 2017. Holy Mass will be prepared by the Cenacle Group and Fr Pushpa will be the main Celebrant. St Edmunds Music Group will accompany us at Mass. In his letter on the Joy of Family Life our Holy Father Pope Francis encourages each family to bear witness in their family life and show how their faith helps them become the best version of their family and show God’s love and care in and through family. We look forward to seeing you their. Please bring another family with you to join us. Also remember to bring a donation for our cloths and food bank. God Bless


Covenant Mass in Advent

The Fourth Sunday of Advent this year is our Covenant Day. You are invited to our Advent Covenant Mass on Sunday 18th December 2016 at 7.30pm at the Shrine. Let us gather together as family and prepare for the fulfilment of the Covenant Promise. “God is with us” Emmanuel. Our prayer is that our homes offer shelter to the God who is seeking us and our hearts become the manger where Christ may be born again. We look forward to seeing you. This will be the relaunch of the new MTA Magazine so please come along and join in our Advent Spirit. Please bring donations for our Food and Clothes Bank.